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Guide to planning your move

When you have successfully conducted a property search, the next step to sort out is moving home.

The process is always going to be quite an upheaval, but planning ahead can ensure some of the most stressful elements can be avoided or overcome.

This is according to the National Association of Estate Agents, which has given its tips for making your move a successful one.

One of the best steps to take first is getting rid of all unnecessary clutter from your home. Clear your property of unwanted items by going through each room and showing a ruthless streak in deciding what can be thrown away or donated to charity.

This will ultimately prove to be a money-saver, as it will reduce the amount of packing you need to do when the time comes for the move to take place. At this stage, it is also worthwhile putting together an inventory of what you will be taking to your next home.

As a companion to the inventory, draw up a plan of the new property, deciding what each of its rooms is going to be used for. Packing can then be coordinated by room, with boxes and furniture labelled or colour-coded so you know where they are going to be placed upon arrival.

Most people hire a professional removals company when moving home and it is a good idea to give them a copy of your plan so they know where to put everything when they arrive at the new destination.

Picking a reputable firm is a vital part of the process, so you should aim to work with one that is a member of an accredited association, such as the British Association of Removers or the National Guild of Removers and Storers. It can also be reassuring to learn the business has its own code of practice, so it may be sensible to make this a factor in your final choice of organisation.

It is important to sort out a number of details with your chosen company prior to moving day. Property owners need to check whether insurance is offered, along with the breadth of coverage available.

Using your inventory, you can tell the removals firm how much needs to be moved. It is important to be honest during this part of the process, as they will use the information you give them to select a suitably-sized van and send out the right number of workers.

When the big day of your move comes, it is also worthwhile arranging the handover of keys to take place at the earliest possible point in the day. This will help you to save money, as it means you will not be paying for the removal van to sit around.

Once everything is packed away and ready to be loaded up, it is important to remember the little details that will make sure your valuable possessions arrive in one piece at the other end of your journey.

This includes making sure the weight of heavy items is spread across several boxes, while fragile things should be protected in bubble wrap.

By anticipating what is necessary for moving house, the process can be a relatively painless one.

Clearing your house of unwanted items, getting an inventory together, selecting a trustworthy removals firm and packing in a sensible fashion should all help to ensure you can begin life in your new property in a headache-free manner.

If you have a clear plan of what will go where in your next property and can ensure your removals company is aware of what is required of them, it should take no time at all to get the familiar comforts of home set up in your next house.
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